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on 03.02.2011
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Disclaimer: We originally did not want to release solutions for the puzzles in Astroslugs. This is due to the facts there is not only one solution for each puzzle. Most level have dozens, if not millions. A lot of the fun of Astroslugs is based on finding YOUR OWN solution - and not the one that we published. But still, lots of people asked for solutions. We've now completed the first in three steps to the ultimate solution system:


1.) We've uploaded a picture of every solved level to flickr. You can find them by clicking on the solutions button in the top navigation of this site or by browsing to Beware: You'll be able to see all solutions here, this might spoil some exploration fun for you.

2.) In the future we plan to update our website with a system that will only show you the solution for a single level at once. This will decrease the amount of spoilering.   

3.) In Astroslugs' update 1.1 we'll include a hint system into the game. This will save you from going to the web for a solution. But we're still designing that system so it will take some time.


Until then: Have fun playing Astroslugs and don't give up too early. All puzzles can be solved without using any hints. Expand your mind.


PS: Lots of thanks to Bill from Mr. Bill's Adventure Land who took the time to work his way though Astroslugs, solve every last puzzle and send us the screenshots for you. You're the best!

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