The Astroslugs head for your iPad

on 30.06.2011

Today is an important day for our small indie studio. We're now officially able to announce the release of our first mobile game, Astroslugs for iPad. It should right now be available on all AppStores worldwide in two exciting flavours.
1.) Astroslugs Deluxe for iPad1.99$
This is the Deluxe version of Astroslugs which gives you access to all current puzzles. You'll also get all future content updates for free. It is currently on sale for 0,99$. This price will stay for a week to give you - our friends and fans - a chance to get the game for a little less than everyone else.

2.) Astroslugs Lite for iPad - free
This is the Lite version of Astroslugs which will let you play the first two planets (15 puzzles)  for free. You can unlock more planets via In-App-Purchases.

Rising Sale

We currently have 35 different puzzles in the game. Some of them will be known from the PC & Mac version of Astroslugs but a lot of them are completely new. We also plan to release 10 more completely new puzzles about every two weeks. That means that everyone who buys the game now will get about 75 puzzles for just 99 cent - if you wait until the last update the prize will have risen to 5.99$.

What's new
Astroslugs is still a colorful and soothing puzzle board game. It still features the same game mechanic of fitting all those finicky shapes into the play field. It still has a lot of Astroslugs & slime in it and features the beautiful soundtrack by our friend Filippo Beck Peccoz. That hasn't changed.

But whille Astroslugs for PC & Mac plays in the current age and all Astroslugs are rather ... well ... dumb, the new Astroslugs for iPad is set in a long forgotten age when the universe still looked like an old parchment. See, in that age the Astroslugs were pretty intelligent. They already had their space ship going. And they used it to travel through space and visit far-away planets to gather the prized Slug Energy. Also,

  • We've changed all the graphics. Not because we didn't like the old ones but because our Art Department (Alex Widl) wanted to be challenged and create something new.
  • We've streamlined the controls for the iPad and re-designed all tutorials. They're now much more intuitive.
  • We've added something that all Astroslugs players asked us for: a proper hint system that will help you once you get stuck in the game. 
  • We've also put in a few dozen Game Center achievements. Some of them are pretty easy to get. Some are so hard to spot that we don't expect a lot of people to get them.

And now, without further ado: Here's the release trailer for Astroslugs for iPad.

Flash ist Pflicht!

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