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on 06.12.2010
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The indie game scene is a magical place of friendly collaboration and unrestricted creativity. While this sounds like a big-time cliché, it is more often true than not. This is another example of what great things can happen when creative people work together without asking for money first.


You probably already know that Astroslugs' complete soundtrack was composed and recorded by our friend and office room-mate Filippo Beck Peccoz, a Munich-based and Italy-born freelance composer who graduated from renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachussets. Fillippo one day told us that he'd love to continue working on the Astroslugs theme even if the game music itself is already completed. So he decided to call up his former fellow students, some indie composers from all over Germany and the local munich audio scene. They were all provisioned with the Astroslugs theme song and only one request: "Please take this piece of music and make something great out of it that reflects your music style."Astroslugs & Friends - Thema and Variations

And so they did: The album entitled "Astroslugs & Friends - Theme and Variations" currently consists of eight tracks by six different composers. All have their roots in the Astroslugs theme song but each of them sounds very different. There's a "Progressive Trance Mix" by our own Alex Widl, a Speed Metal cover by independent composer Bastian Kieslinger, a solo piano version, a jazz arrangement and many more. More releases are already in the works, including a chiptunes remix and a Ukulele cover.


Here comes the best: If you're fast, you can get the album for free from the Bit Baron's Bandcamp-Account. The first 200 downloads will be completely free of charge. Afterwards there'll be a pay-what-you want sale where you can download the album for a donation of "whatever you think our work is worth". All proceeds of this project are going to be split equally amongst the participating composers. So don't hesitate and get this great piece of game audio now.

Current track list:

1. Filippo Beck Peccoz - Astroslugs Theme Medley 05:34
2. Ajan Shani - Progressive Trance Mix 04:48
3. Simon Osterhold - Astropiano 02:58
4. Bastian Kieslinger - Metal Version 01:40
5. Casey Merhige - Arrangement 01:37
6. Lex van Dawn - Remix 08:18
7. Jakob Thomsen - Astroslugs Techno 03:13
8. Jakob Thomsen - Spaced Out 00:51
9. Jakob Thomsen - Three Fourths 01:15

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