Only for three days: Free Astroslugs on the Mac App Store

on 11.03.2011
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The Astroslugs finally made it to the Mac App Store. To celebrate their appearance in this uncharted territory we decided to give you guys a little present. Astroslugs will be completely free for the next three days (Friday to Sunday) on the Mac App Store. That means you will save 12$ / 9€ on the full price of the game.

And that is not all. As an added bonus we will also give everyone who buys Astroslugs on the Mac App Store a free copy of Astroslugs for Windows*. With no DRM at all. So you can easily gift this version of the game to your friends who still have no Mac. And there's even more! You'll also get a free copy of the Astroslugs & Friends Soundtrack* by Filippo Beck Peccoz and his Audio Designer friends.

To sum this up:

  • free version of Astroslugs for Mac on the Mac App Store
  • free version of Astroslugs for Windows from yours truly*
  • free version of the Astroslugs & Friends Soundtrack*
  • save lots of money
  • have even more fun


* To get those goodies you just have to send a copy of your Mac App Store receipt for Astroslugs to info[at] We'll send you the Windows game and the Soundtrack as soon as this celebration is over (which probably means Monday).


Update I: There seems to be a problem when trying to download Astroslugs from the US Mac App Store. We're talking to Apple, trying to find the error.

Update II: Lots of people from the US have downloaded Astroslugs from the Mac App Store now. If you still have download problems, please contact us at support[at] and we'll help you get your copy directly from us.

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