Online launch is on time, retail will be slightly delayed

on 19.01.2011
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First things first: Astroslugs will be released in eight days (on January 27th) for both PC and Mac. You'll be able to get the game directly from us and from a number of download game portals (for example Gamersgate, Gamesload and Gamehouse). We'll release the full list of portals on the 27th.

The retail version of Astroslugs however takes some more time. We've just gotten the news that the Windows retail version for Germany, Austria and Switzerland (published by Headup Games) will not be released until February 10th. It seems like the sudden holidays really surprised the retailers. But don't worry, we'll get there.

For Mac users: We're working on some more deals that will bring Astroslugs to european retailers, the Mac App Store and BFG. But those will take some more time. We'll keep you updated on when they'll be released. But you should anyways buy your Mac Astroslugs directly from us on the 27th. =D

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