iPhone! Update 1.2! Sale!

on 19.09.2011
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Things have been pretty busy since we came home from GDC Europe and gamescom a few weeks ago. Here's what's currently going on:

We just released our second update for Astroslugs for iPad (or as it is now called: Astroslugs HD). Over the last weeks we've listened to your suggestions and made a lot of them come true. Please do have a look at them in the AppStore. If you want more updates like this, please rate the game with five stars on the AppStore (again). Also: If you've got ideas for more cool stuff then don't hesitate to contact us via info@bitbarons.com or on Twitter (@bitbarons).


Here's the changelog for Astroslugs v1.2
- added the gloom planet (10 new puzzles!)
- added the magma planets (another 10 new puzzles!)
- the very impatient can now prematurely unlock all planets for a small fee
- significantly improved performance on both iPad 1 and 2
- the recognition of gestures is now way more accurate
- reduced the size of the game to less than 20 MB
- minor design changes (new icon, slugballs, screenshots)
- added some more Astroslugs to the game
- changed the name to Astroslugs HD
- made quite a few usability improvements

We've brought Astroslugs to your iPhone (3GS/4) and iPod Touch (3G/4G). We've optimized the game for the smaller display size, for example by adding a magnifying glass which helps if your thumbs tend to get into the way. We also came up with about 50 completely new puzzles that fit in a 7x6 slugball playscreen. So even if you already own the game for the iPad don't hesitate to get the iPhone version too, there's lots of new puzzles to solve. We're currently on a introductory sale which means that you can get the whole game for just 99ct. On thursday, we'll bring the price back up to 1.99 USD.
Apple's editorial team found out that Astroslugs is actually a pretty great game. That's why we're featured as the iPad Game of the Week in more than a hundred local AppStores. And that's why we're running a sale on Astroslugs for iPad. Currently ou can buy the game for just 1.99 USD, this will be back to 3.99 USD on Thursday.

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