Astroslugs will be released on January 27th 2011

on 15.11.2010
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We're very glad that we can finally give you the definite release date for Astroslugs' PC and Mac release. We'll launch on January 27th 2011 via digital distribution (globally) and in retail (Germany, Austria, Switzerland; in cooperation with Headup Games). Astroslugs should be available for 9.99 EUR / 13.99 USD / 8.99 GBP on all platforms. There will probably be some minor variations in pricing but this is what we're shooting for.

Final beta version:
We've finished the last beta version that we're ever going to release. Our next milestone will be the first release candidate. You can download the latest beta here. There is a lot of pretty cool stuff in this release, for example:

  • You can now delete shapes by simply right-clicking on them. You can turn this feature off in the ingame menu.
  • Added an ingame menu to the playscreen where you can adjust sound and music volume and right-click-deleting.
  • Added sound effects to nearly every object in the game. All praise Filippo.
  • Added particle effects and background animations throughout the game. Everything is now much more vivid.
  • Added a level-end-screen to praise you for solving a puzzle. You really deserve it once you go beyond the desert.
  • Styled the profile screen. You can now also delete profiles.
  • Re-Designed the zone selection (planet) screen. It's gotten a lot more cloudy on Slegmo.
  • Added an intro screen to the game to remind you who made this game. Yeah ...
  • Added a file icon to the game. We really like the Unity icon but this has really been overdue.


Final screen shots / press kit:
We've updated our Flickr account with a new set of Astroslugs screenshots. There have been a lot of minor improvements but these now represent the final graphics of the game. Feel free to use them for any coverage. You can also download them in maximum size in our press kit which will also deliver you some captions and logos for the game and our company.

Thanks for being with us on this huge roller coaster ride towards the release of our first game. We're having a blast and we're very glad to have you on board.

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