... is a colorful and soothing puzzle game for Windows PC and Macintosh that is extremely easy to pick up. It features interesting puzzles which require you to fit a number of different shapes upon a board. Fill all available spaces with all the available shapes to solve each one.

We have focused on simplifying the role of placing pieces – there is no moving pieces into place and clicking buttons to rotate and flip. Instead, you use your mouse to draw them into place, while drawing over an already present shape will remove it. It’s a very simple mechanic which anyone can easily understand.

In the game, the evil but slightly incompetent Astroslugs strive to leave their home planet and conquer the universe. Their only problem: They have no source of energy to jumpstart their space craft. Now they turn to you, a young and promising slug archeologist, to solve the riddle of the ancient slugballs, power the ship and get them on their way to universal domination.



  • 44 Levels of brain-teasing puzzle fun
  • revolutionary simply input scheme; one mouse button only
  • lots of hand-crafted visuals and music you'll not see anywhere else
  • support independent game developers


And now ...

And don't forget the Soundtrack

This 10-track album is a collaboration by our friend and freelance composer Filippo Beck Peccoz and his indie friends around the globe. It is based on the theme song of Astroslugs. All proceeds of this project are going to be split equally amongst the participating composers. Get it now directly from Bandcamp.